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Character Design Process

Untitled_Artwork (2).jpg

For this character, I was inspired by the suave and dashing heroes of paperback romance novels. Instead of taking my usual approach to sketching, I started with a freepaint, experimenting with color and mood right away. I envisioned a handsome man with a sword, staring at the camera with calm and piercing eyes. I paid attention to the head, creating a face that looks both chiseled and sensitive. 

Untitled_Artwork (1).jpg

At this stage I knew I needed some solid reference. I chose Napoleonic soldier uniforms as my primary source; I love the shape created by the high-waisted trousers and tight coats, and the historical context compliments my character story. I experimented with a few different elements, ultimately settling on a neat, simple silhouette that speaks to the fastidious nature of this refined warrior.


With the initial idea established, I took the time to pose him and began considering his outfit. What sort of person is he? What world does he inhabit? I saw him as a gentleman soldier, someone who prefers discourse over combat but doesn't shy away from a duel when challenged. Maybe he's even a little haughty; a privileged nobleman living by an ancient code of honor who has a good heart despite living amidst luxury and excess. 


Sparkle time! 

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