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Character Design Process

I began with a doodle. This idea combined two of my favorite things: mechs and squishy bullfrogs. This particular bullfrog is a regular in my doodles, and I call him Benjamin.

Untitled_Artwork (32).png

In my mind, a good mech is all about shape design. I wanted to refine my ideas and take this mech to the next level, so I brought in some references and carefully analyzed what other artists do to create lively mechs. I began redesigning my sketch, this time paying more attention to the grouping of shapes and the overall curvature of the figure.

Untitled_Artwork (31).jpg

At this point my mech was really taking shape. I realized that the bullfrog shouldn't just be an accessory to the mech; he should be the operator.

Untitled_Artwork (30).jpg

The last step was adding color and racing stripes.

Untitled_Artwork (31).png
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