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A Custom Character Skin

Back when Paragon was alive (RIP) I really enjoyed playing as Countess. To celebrate the resurrection of the game by Strange Matter Studios, I decided to design my own Countess skin. I began with a pose reference, looking for something expressive and feminine that I could use as a base for this sultry assassin.

Untitled_Artwork (4).jpg

Since I'm designing a skin for a character that already exists, I wanted to ensure that her silhouette and basic design was preserved. I began to turn this sketch into the Countess I know and love, analyzing her shapes and imagining how I might customize them in an original way.

Untitled_Artwork (5).jpg

At this point I found my skin inspiration: a killer bee. A fleet and subtle creature that floats elegantly before striking decisively. I think the bold gold-black palette of a bee suits both her regal stature and her dynamic move set. I added gold ribbing to her outfit and gave her a small cape and epaulets, as well as a shorter hairstyle. I liked how these changes worked with her basic design, but also hinted at a more feisty and playful side to her, which is something I always sensed when I played as her in a match.

Untitled_Artwork (7).jpg

Now I added some polish, evening out some rough spots and finalizing my design. 

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