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Character Design Process

Untitled_Artwork (48).jpg

Since Halloween was only a few days away, I knew I wanted to create a witch. I began with a basic form and started playing with the proportions of the limbs, trying to find an arrangement with appealing flow.


In honor of Inktober, I decided to approach rendering this piece as a digital ink drawing. Here is Amanita with her wild cards and two beloved familiars.

Next I fleshed out this basic shape. I believe 90% of a character's personality is expressed through the face and hands, so I spent a while thinking about what kind of person this witch is and how she uses her powers. I see her as a charmer and a trickster, mischievous but warm-hearted. She has a beguiling grin and wields a deck of enchanted cards. 

Untitled_Artwork (49).jpg
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