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Character Design Process


I settled on my favorite sketch and began refining the idea. I brought in references to guide the costume development, experimenting with different shapes and silhouettes. At this time I also sent these images to several friends to ask for feedback.

Next I focused on her head, refining her features and developing ideas for what kind of horns would suit her best.

Untitled_Artwork (23).jpg
Untitled_Artwork (27).jpg
Untitled_Artwork (29).jpg

Palette time! Since her home is a lush forest full of blue and green tones, I knew I wanted to use some variation of violet-yellow contrast to make her stand out in her environment.

Untitled_Artwork (26).jpg
Untitled_Artwork (3).jpg

With the design essentially done, I created a back view and added some gradients and details to the costume. 


Here she is, the final design for The Seeker. 

The Seeker: News

I began with blue sky sketching. I knew I wanted to create a whimsical female fantasy hero, but I wanted to explore several different styles and ages for her.

Untitled_Artwork (28).jpg

At this point I felt like I could see her in my mind, walking through the forest, contemplating the beauty and serenity of her home. I added values to help me hone in on her final costume design, and again sent these out to some friends for feedback.

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